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Time Capsule

posted Nov 23, 2009, 9:38 PM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC   [ updated Nov 23, 2009, 9:41 PM ]

(Originally posted on 2007-12-16)

Let your thoughts travel.

It’s year 2012, in a certain party venue in Hong Kong, SHPHK is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. As one important highlight of the celebration at the start of the program, the society’s President (that might be YOU) officiates a ceremony to open a Time Capsule which was sealed during the SHPHK 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner. One by one, YOU (the President) pick out and unveil the items inside the Time Capsule…

… a 20th Anniversary Heartwarming Stamp Mini-Pane, a 3-in-1 souvenir pen distributed during the Gala Dinner, the Dec 2007 issue of SHP Connection, a CF-II memory card of all the photos taken during the dinner (who knows whether the card would be rendered ‘outdated’ by technologies in 2012), and, a medicinal bottle?… A second medicinal bottle?… And a third… a fourth…

On opening up the medicinal bottles, there are the recorded voices from different members of SHPHK during the course of the 20th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner: there are suggestions on the system of health care… predictions on salary levels… opinions on separation of prescribing and dispensing… views on pharmacists’ training… how clinical are we… etc.

Would you like to become one of those who make history? How accurate you will be in predicting the future of Hong Kong’s pharmaceutical profession? Give some thoughts and write down your wish, your thoughts or ideas on a nice strip of paper. Put that strip inside any medicinal bottle (properly cleansed, of course), and bring it to the 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner on 22nd February, 2008, drop it in our Time Capsule and let it wait till 2012….

Five years later, IT MIGHT BE YOU who will be reading out your own far-sighted thinking on stage, only to find out how wise and accurate you have been…