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A concise report on the Open Forum on 23rd February

posted Nov 23, 2009, 8:13 PM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC

(Originally posted on 2005-02-25)

A joint forum by PS, PPA and SHPHK was held on 23rd February, 2005 to discuss the Hospital Authority's Standard Drug Formulary. Members of all three societies, from the community, hospital and industry sectors, participated in the forum.

The discussion focused largely on the supply mechanism for prescribed drugs outside the Standard Drug List. It was unanimously agreed that these should be supplied by community pharmacies. Without realising it, attendees went on to engage themselves in a SWOT analysis of the community pharmacy profession. This was what came out of the discussion:

Our Strengths:

  • High accessibility in the community
  • Can afford time for comprehensive patient counselling
  • Networked with public hospitals (through 4P)

Our Weaknesses:

  • Relatively low bargaining power when dealing with suppliers
  • Bad PR regarding supply of counterfeits and parallel imports
  • The law governing ASPs is outdated


  • New business is an incentive for ASP owners to let pharmacists do their jobs
  • New business introduces healthy competition and ultimate improvement of quality
  • Re-establishment of community pharmacists as neighbourhood health advisors


  • There is suspicion of a smear campaign going on against community pharmacies
  • Private medical practitioners are engaged in an organised effort to secure any potential business that would result from the establishment of the HA Formulary
  • Patient advocate groups will lobby for supply by public hospitals

In closing, the three societies have agreed to write to the Hospital Authority to put forward the views of participants. The three societies also encourage individual members to write separately to the HA with their personal views and that of the pharmacy profession.