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Anti-smoking Carnival, 28th May, 2005

posted Nov 23, 2009, 8:19 PM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC
(Originally posted on 2005-05-31)

An Anti-smoking Carnival was held on 28th May, 2005 at the foyer of the Hospital Authority Building. SHPHK, PPA and PSHK have been invited to participate.

It was an interesting and rewarding afternoon. The HA senior management really appreciated the efforts that we pharmacists - from both public and community sectors - have put in to make the event such a success. They have recognised the roles of our pharmacists in primary care and have already extended their invitation to us for future collaboration. So, let us believe that the goods seeds that we have helped to sow will certainly bring good crops.

A collection of photographs taken at the event are placed in this photo album (external site; opens in a new window).

The following are write-ups by CUHK pharmacy students and interns regarding the event:

Anti-smoking Carnival on 28th May 2005

First, I would like to congratulate the organizers of this carnival on their achievement through the joint efforts of the HA, SHPHK, PSHK and PPA, the event was clearly a success and well received by the participants. Pharmacists are increasingly involved in promoting good health. As a member of this profession, it is my pleasure to participate in this meaningful activity.

Smoking accounts for the majority of lung cancer deaths. Smokers are also more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and chronic obstructive lung disease. As pharmacists, it is our mission to educate the public on the health hazards of smoking and assist smokers to get rid of it.

With joint efforts of the professional pharmaceutical bodies, this carnival is a great success. The awareness of potential health risk of smoking was heightened with a broadened perspective on the role and importance of pharmacists in the healthcare system of Hong Kong. The fact that the counselling counters manned by pharmacists were crowded with eager enquirers showed the people are most conscious of their health.

The interests of the public and private healthcare sectors may be different, but the goals are the same. I am delighted to see they work together to enhance the healthcare quality in Hong Kong and to promote our profession. It seems to me that it is essential for all relevant sectors to unit in mapping out the future development of the profession. In addition, its members should take a proactive approach in contributing to this worthy cost. This carnival takes the first giant step to establish ties of various pharmaceutical professional organizations and advances their relationship in a positive way. I believe we all stand to benefit from the success of this event.

Last but not least, I wish to thank the senior pharmaceutical professionals for their well informed opinions and advice on our career prospect.

Jason Chen, Pharmacy intern

Comments on participation in smoking cessation activity on 28/5

I am very happy to have a chance to contribute in this smoking cessation activity and so many dear classmates are enthusiastic and are willing to contribute their time in being student helpers.

This smoking cessation activity is jointly held by the three pharmacist professional organisations, SHPHK, PSHK and PPAHK, with support from the Chief Pharmacist’s Office and the Hospital Authority. Patients succeeded in smoking cessation from different clusters of hospital as well as their family members are invited to join the ceremony to praise for their efforts in smoking cessation. Counters of games, posters as well as free counseling services by the pharmacists and various tests are also provided to the people.

I believe that this is a successful activity. The venue is crowded with patients and their family members. After the ceremony, patients can enjoy fun by playing the games, patients can learn more about drugs by consulting pharmacists there and some can know more about their physical condition through various tests provided. The atmosphere is good. Also, as I observe, many reporters are attracted and this is also an effective way to promote the professional role of pharmacists in nowadays healthcare system, as well as the main idea of this activity-- smoking cessation.

A lot of citizens are attracted to this venue, but the majority is patient and their family members. It may be better if the activity is held in some shopping plaza, as more citizen or general publics can be reached, in order to promote the message of smoking cessation to the citizen. Moreover, the support from Chief Pharmacist’s Office as well as the Hospital Authority are also very important as these can give the activity an official position and more reporters can be attracted for the promotional purpose to the general public, as well as the citizens. Gimmicks are very important to attract the public. I think the gimmicks in this activity are definitely enough and can attract many people, and it is natural that people only focus on gimmicks instead of the content of the activity. Therefore, it is important to incorporate the message of the activity into the game, and this game of this activity can achieve this, at least letting people know how horrible smoking is.

The first impression that this activity gives to me is the unity of the whole profession. There are some rumors that the three pharmacist professional associations have different points of interest and so they are not so united or work together easily. However, this activity can destroy those rumors.

To gain the status or benefits for a profession, it is important for all the members of this profession to work together and act on this aim. Therefore, I believe that such activity can give a valuable opportunity for pharmacists in different fields to enhance their communications, to share their idea, and more importantly, unit them together and fight for the image and recognition of pharmacists from the general public.

As a student, it may be hard for us to contribute in some professional role of pharmacists, such as counseling, etc. However, practical works are essential for every function, for example, preparation for the games, declaration, etc and all these require a lot of manpower. And that’s what we students can contribute. Although such work is a little bit routine, many things can be learnt through observing how a big function can be held, communicate with pharmacists in different fields, and more importantly, to contribute to the profession. Also, we know more about the actual situation of our profession through sharing with them. Therefore, we should not hesitate to participate in these activities and should treasure every of these opportunities to participate.

I look forward to more opportunities to participate in other pharmacy-related activities in the future. Pharmacists are strong in health-related issues to educate the public. As a student intern, I hope I can have the chance to contribute in more activities, to know more pharmacists and realize the actual situations the profession is facing.

Choi Kwok Ho <sleepyho(at)gmail(dot)com>, Pharmacy Year 3







何嘉誠 中文大學藥劑學系一年級生

Anti-smoking campaign

It is my pleasure to have an opportunity to participate in this activity jointly organized by Hospital Authority, SPHK, PPA, PSHK, Watson’s and Mannings. The theme of this activity is smoking cessation. Through different kinds of activities such as games, exhibitions, and patient counseling, public are more aware of the health hazards of smoking. Therefore, this kind of activity should be held more frequently in the near future to promote the general public health of the community.

In addition, this kind of activity also provides a chance for pharmacists working in different fields to gather together and share their ideas and experience. Although pharmacists have their own specialized areas of practice (hospital, community or industry), we have to know more about each other’s practice. I believe that unity is power. Pharmacists from different fields should joint hands to highlight the professionalism of pharmacist. After the activity, I realized that there is growing concern over health. Counters where various tests provided such as blood glucose test, blood pressure measurement are always crowded with people. Moreover, they are very keen on asking pharmacists for advice about their health-related problem. To promote the professionalism of pharmacists, more campaign should be launched to make the public aware that pharmacists are the one whom they can rely on. As a pharmacy intern, I am eager to participate and contribute in different kinds of pharmacy related activities. To conclude, being able to participate in this activity is a valuable experience.

Ng Tsui Shan, Pharmacy intern

Anti-smoking activity

1. Main theme of this activity, anti-smoking, can be clearly delivered to the attendees. We can see that all participating organizations have demonstrated their efforts in promoting anti-smoking message, through varieties of activities such as ceremony, patient counseling, games and questionnaires. The atmosphere is strong especially when the booths and ceremony starts.

2. Such ceremony can give encouragement and support to thus successful smoke-quitter. I think it would be quite important since this would encourage their smoker friend to quite smoking when they feel the “joy” of the ceremony.

3. Booths run by pharmacy societies and community pharmacies can also let our public know that pharmacist role in smoke quitting.

4. Activities of same kind should be held in the future. If situation is possible, place such as shopping malls may also be considered. Public can be more easily access and messages of activities can thus be delivered more effectively to current smokers.

Terry, Pharmacy intern




姚蔚林 見習藥劑師