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Joint open letter on Strategy and Planning Workshop

posted Nov 23, 2009, 8:51 PM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC

(Originally posted on 2006-09-18)

Dear Pharmacists,

How you can help the development of a future forward strategy for pharmacy

Ever wonder how you can help to shape the future of the pharmacy practice in Hong Kong? Or do you think this is just day dreaming – something impossible or something too remote? Or you might have tried it before but without much success.

In the last few years, we have started to think on the pharmacy future seriously. We have witnessed too many changes. Starting with the Building a Healthy Tomorrow Consultancy document on the health care reform, then the health care financing model, then the introduction of the drug charges, then the Hospital Authority Drug Formulary, then the sale of the Self Financed Items, then the Dr Li Sai Lai medication incidents, then the medication mismanagement problems in the Old Aged Homes, then the dispensing errors in the private doctor’s clinic in Tung Chung and there seem to be endless things happening relating to the pharmacy practice – policy wise, practice wise, quality and safety wise.

As responsible pharmacists with a passion for the future development of the pharmacy profession, we know we should be able to do better than just sit and wait for the Government to lead the change. We know we should be more proactive and control our own destiny. We know that we need to do something together and we need to lead the process ourselves involving as many members of the profession as possible in the process.

To kick-start the process, the Presidents of the Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong, the Practising Pharmacists of Hong Kong and the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong have joined hands to organize a 2 Days 1 Night trip in Zhuhai which begins on 30th September and ends on 1st October 2006. In this trip, about 30+ pharmacists from the various sectors such as those working in the hospital system, in the community practice whether employers or employees in solo or group practice, and in the School of Pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, the distributors as well as in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry would be coming together to hold a Strategy and Planning Workshop.

The agenda would be to discuss and find a road map for Separation of Prescribing from Dispensing in Hong Kong. We have not set out any time table nor agreed on any action steps. We intend to leave all these to take place in the discussion process at the Workshop.

Now, we appreciate that you may wish to join in to give your views and opinions too. However, due to constraints in the arrangement of logistics, many of you would not be able to participate. We also appreciate everybody would have one’s own views and yes indeed it is our intention that every pharmacist in Hong Kong should be included. Hence each and every pharmacist is invited and all of you are most welcome to submit your views and opinions, no matter what these are.

You must be aware that it is our goal to identify all the challenges that would affect how we can shape our own future. It is our aim to overcome all the hurdles that would prevent the profession's ability to advance; we need to deal with the barriers to fulfill our potential as health care providers; we need to turn threats into opportunities; we need to exert our strengths; we need to define good pharmacy practice. Ultimately, we need to act and be recognized as true health care partners in the delivery of the health care service in Hong Kong.

Our findings from the Workshop would be communicated widely, for it is our intention that the Workshop is but a trigger to start off a wide ranging consultation process involving people inside and outside the profession with engagement of other professions, patient groups and the public. All these would be presented at the Hong Kong Pharmacy Conference at the Day 2 plenary session on 22nd October 2006. This would be a session with interactive discussion and you still have your chance of say and your opportunity to provide your input.

For your further information, the Strategic Workshop is chaired by the 3 Presidents and is managed by a working team and these are senior members of the pharmacist profession all of whom are doing these in their own time with no monetary gains. The Working Team has the support from the General Committee members of each respective society/association.

Much background information have been retrieved and collected to enable you to gain a more complete understanding on what has happened in the local and overseas scene on the subject of Separation of Prescribing from Dispensing. These are posted on the website: (Unzip password: godwin). Please take your time to browse through the information and finally, may we urge you to get involved and help us chart the next exciting stage of our profession’s journey.

Write to us at the following contact details and we promise that your views will be tabled for discussion at the workshop:

  • President, Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong (benjaminkwong(at)hgcbroadband(dot)com)
  • President, Practising Pharmacists Association of Hong Kong (billywmchung(at)netvigator(dot)com)
  • President, Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong (kwng(at)shphk(dot)org(dot)hk)

We look forward to receiving your support and let us know your views.


Mr. Benjamin Kwong
President, The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong

Mr. Billy Chung
President, The Practising Pharmacists Association of Hong Kong

Mr. K W Ng
President, The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong