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到藥房 問藥效

posted Nov 23, 2009, 7:34 PM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC
(Originally posted on 2004-09-22)

Dear members,

There is another project that is occurring in the community that can help to boost the knowledge of the general public about the professional role of pharmacists. Please read on:

到藥房 問藥效



Source: Ming Pao

Hopefully, the patients and the public will through such means become better aware of how much they have been deprived when they are without the professional guidance of the pharmacists on how to manage their medications. They will then learn to ask, to seek and to find.

Our pharmacists must at the same time play our roles to bridge the gap between clinicians and patients. One reminder is that there may be many clinical indications when certain drugs are prescribed. If we have doubts, we should seek to communicate with the prescriber so as to clarify the purpose and intentions of the prescriber. In no way should the pharmacists attempt to make guesses or jump to conclusions. It is through working together with the clinicians that we can build up the synergy and augment each other’s roles and functions. We do not wish to cause confusion or risk our relationship with either the patients or the clinicians.

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