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President's September Message

posted Nov 23, 2009, 6:59 PM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC
(Originally posted on 2004-08-16) 

Dear members, 

Today as I write this message, it is about less than a month before the 2004 Legislative Council election. For the first time in history, we have a pharmacist running for the functional constituency of the health sector. This pharmacist is Ms Scarlett Pong and she would be competing with three other candidates all of whom are nurses. 

Our members should know who is Scarlett Pong as she has served as the President of the Practising Pharmacists Association for a consecutive period of eight years and she was one of the Hospital Authority board members in 2003. 

As President, I would urge all of you to vote on 12th September and make your own choice. You can find out more about each of the running candidates and compare who they are, what they do and what are their vision as a legislator and how they would serve the public and particularly the functional constituency they represent. 

All of us are too familiar with the chronic problems affecting the advancement of the pharmacy profession in Hong Kong. We are frustrated and we are losing our patience day by day. I only want to say that this election is a critical moment in history when we can use our right to choose a person who can best represent pharmacists in the legislative council. You can make a choice and you need to make this choice. We need to make this choice together. 

If you have this belief, please go to vote and ask your colleagues and friends to vote. If we miss this opportunity, would there be another pharmacist who would come forth in the future for the election? May be, but most likely not. So, vote for your choice now, this year on 12th September. 

Best wishes,
Mr K W Ng
The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong