Zanidip misprints dosage instruction

posted Nov 24, 2009, 1:14 AM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC

(Originally posted on 2004-10-01)

On the outer box of Zanidip (Lercanidipine) tablet, the instruction reads "1 tablet after breakfast" in both English and Chinese.

But in the package insert of this calcium channel blocker, it states that Zanidip "should be taken before meals."

We have confirmed with the supplier, Schwarz Pharma, that the drug should be taken before meals. They have put on correctional stickers to amend the wordings on the box.

In fact, the absolute bioavailability of Lercanidipine is about 10% because of high first pass metabolism. The bioavailability increases 4-fold when it is ingested up to 2 hours after a high fat meal, and about 2-fold when taken immediately after a carbohydrate-rich meal. Consequently, Lercanidipine should be taken at least 15 minutes before a meal.