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Penicillin skin test

posted Nov 24, 2009, 12:36 AM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC

(Originally posted on 2004-06-13)

Test dose: Adult: 5000 units in 0.1ml; Children: 1000 units in 0.1ml

Method: Intradermal injection

Material: Penicillin G 600mg/vial (1,000,000u/vial)

Dilution method: Assume the change in volume due to dissolution of powder is negligible after dilution.

Adult: Method A

  1. Pen G 1 vial + 2ml water for injection = 1,000,000u/2ml
  2. 0.1ml (50,000u) of (i) + 0.9ml water for inj. = 5,000u/0.1ml

Adult: Method B

  1. Pen G 1 vial + 4ml water for injection = 1,000,000u/4ml
  2. 0.1ml (25,000u) of (i) + 0.4ml water for inj. = 5,000u/0.1ml


  • 5,000u (0.1ml) Pen G in (Method A or B) + 0.4ml water for injection = 1,000u/0.1ml

Reference: Drug Information Handbook 6th ed. 1998-1999, Lexi-Comp. Inc.