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Sodium load of commonly used antibiotics

posted Nov 24, 2009, 12:40 AM by 藥物教育資源中心DERC

(Originally posted on 2004-06-13)

  • Fortum 1gm: 54mg (2.3mEq)
  • Pipracil 4gm: 170mg (7.4mEq)
  • Sulperazone 1gm: 34mg (1.5mEq)
  • Tazocin 4.5gm: 206.1mg (8.9mEq)
  • Tienam 500mg: 37.5mg (1.6mEq)
  • Timentin 3.2gm: about 137mg (about 6mEq)

(For comparison: one tablet of 0.9gm NaCl contains 355mg Na)