About The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong


"To promote, improve and assist the advancement of hospital pharmacy service"


In the 1980's, Hong Kong already had two pharmacy professional bodies, namely the Pharmaceutical Society (PS) of Hong Kong (founded 1949) and the Practising Pharmacists Association (PPA) of Hong Kong (founded 1972). The 80’s was a time of awakening for the pharmacy profession. Apart from the struggle for Separation of Dispensing from Prescribing, the pharmacy professionals strongly advocated mandatory labelling of dispensed medicines and the establishment of a local pharmacy school.

At that time, the PS, with 3 official representatives in the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, was expected to be the organization looking after the overall interest of the pharmacy profession, while PPA was more focused on the practice and interest of community pharmacists. As the subvented hospitals (public hospitals not directly run by the HK Government) began to employ pharmacists, the number of hospital pharmacists grew steadily. Hospital pharmacists from both the private and public sectors were more aware of the need for an organization with emphasis on hospital practice. Initially a group of hospital pharmacists began to get together periodically to discuss issues of mutual interest. At one time a hospital pharmacy subcommittee was formed under the PS, until 1987, nine pioneers formally founded the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong. These nine founding members were:

  • Mr. CHAU Wing Fan Thomas
  • Ms. CHOI Mei Ling Susanna
  • Mr. HO Kai Wai Daniel
  • Mr. LAU Kok Fun
  • Mr. LEE Pak Wai
  • Mr. LING Ho Ming Michael
  • Mr. LOIE Yiu Kwong Mervyn
  • Mr. NG Kim Wah
  • Mr. TSE Ching To

  • The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong was formed in November 1987.


    To play a leadership role in the provision of Pharmaceutical Care with the ultimate aim to improve the health of the people of Hong Kong.

    Strategic Directions

    To Members – We shall

    • provide opportunities, encouragement and support for professional development.
    • create a sense of unity among members through socialization and improvement of their professional status.
    • support members in the provision of a high standard of service.
    • promote a positive professional image to the public.

    To the Public and Patients – We shall

    • undertake the responsibility to provide information on the appropriate use of drugs for achievement of better health.
    • encourage their participation in improvement of our service.
    • guide the profession to provide a quality pharmacy service.

    To Allied Organisations – We shall

    • influence and collaborate with health authorities and institutions, statutory bodies, academic institutions, patient groups, commercial organizations and other allied organizations in the course of fulfillment of our mission.

    Adopted in SHPHK AGM 1999